Thursday, October 8, 2009

Unattached Stuff Becomes a Little Gross

Now that my hair is growing longer, and longer, and longer- I notice it in larger amounts unattached to my head. I'm sure that I've always lost hair at this rate, it's just that now that's it's longer, it seems like a lot MORE.

And it's gross.

It makes me stop and wonder why I'm not grossed out by hair that is attached to my head- or someone else's head- but am a little wigged out (pun intended) when I see hair in the sink, or in the bathtub or whatever. Why did it become a bit repulsive once it came out of a head and was set free?

Which then leads me to think of other things that are gross once they become unattached:
snot- dried or otherwise
blood (when contained underneath the skin= not gross, once outside of the skin= a little gross)

Hmmm. Just something that made me stop and think and wonder for a few minutes today.

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Anonymous said...

add fingernails to your list!