Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trash Talking

After running a quick errand at Michael's, I was walking in the parking lot toward my car. I noticed a lady pulling into a parking space while chowing down on a hamburger. Driving and eating.

This is not such a big deal, but I kept curiously watching the woman. She pulled into a parking space rather aggressively. She then continued to eat her little hamburger that was wrapped in the tissue paper that came with it. Once she got down to the tissue-papered area, she rolled down her window and THREW HER HAMBURGER TRASH into the bushes.

I realized everything about this woman, in those few moments, seemed aggressive. From her beat up car, to her attack of her hamburger, to the way she pulled into her parking space, and then the grand finale of littering. All of it seemed ugly.

It seemed that maybe this lady needed to slow it down a little... Eat her little burger at a table, and then walk over to a trashcan and discard the rest. Maybe then she could keep both hands on the wheel while driving and she wouldn't feel so rushed to pull into the parking spot. It seems hard to imagine there was anything satisfying about her meal, or her Sunday drive to Michael's.

These days,when I see someone driving recklessly or distractedly, I assume they're texting. But they just may be eating a burger!

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Rrramone said...

Or maybe they are texting AND eating a burger??