Sunday, January 20, 2008

27 Dresses

Along with many other chicks today, I went and saw a flick.
Even the D+ rating the Dallas Morning News gave "27 Dresses" didn't keep us away!
The DMN tends to hate romantic-comedies in general. It ripped apart this movie for being full of cliches.

Ok, and maybe it was. But when I go to see a romantic comedy, I'm not looking for unexpected twists and turns anyway. I'm looking for something funny that has a sweet ending- whether that ending is realistic or not. And if it ends idealistically, that's okay by me.

I saw Katherine Heigl (who stars in it)on some interview and she said, "Well, you know who she's (the character she plays in the movie) going to end up with within the first few minutes of the movie." She didn't say it like is was a BAD thing, because it isn't.

And this particular romantic-comedy wasn't sappy like many of them are. Not once did I cringe or feel embarrassed to be sitting in the theater. I did notice there were lots of women there, but I don't recall seeing any men.

If my husband had been in town, I'm sure he would've gone and seen it with me. He's sort of into chick flicks himself. And for that, I am grateful. I never feel like I am dragging him along with me. So either he likes chick flicks, or he loves me. Or, perhaps, both! Either way....I am grateful.


Kelly said...

It's Kelly(Walker)Bond. Since Fermin told me about your website a while back, I've dropped by occasionally to read your blog. I love good writing, especially journal forms of writing, and you are fantastic at it!!! You really have a way with the written word and with expressing your thoughts and feelings so beautifully. Have you ever thought about writing for a living, as well as creating your wonderful music!?!?
Always wishing you well! :), Kelly

kerri said...

I'm so gld to know you read my blog, Kelly! Thanks for your kind words. Really made my day-